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An overview of past and current third party funded projects.

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project logo Crowd DNA

CrowdDNA2020 - 2024EUlink

KapaKrit Logo

KapaKrit2018 – 2021BMBFlink

CroMa Logo

CroMa2018 – 2021BMBFlink

SiME Logo

SiME2016 – 2019BMBFlink


ORPHEUS2015 – 2018BMBFlink
Quantitative description
of jamming in pedestrian streams
2013 – 2017DFGlink

BaSiGo Logo

BaSiGo2012 – 2015BMBFlink

Hermes Logo

Hermes2009 – 2012BMBFlink
Boundary Effects and Non-Equilibrium
States in Pedestrian Dynamics
– Experiments and Modelling
2008 – 2011DFGlink