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Additional Projects: Critical Components and Software

Motion Control & Automation (MCA)

The ESS Motion Control & Automation Group will need to evaluate linear servomotors and feedback sensors in terms of performance and integration in order to add that particular technology to ESS standards and deploy it to all instruments projects. Furthermore, they will need to develop several robotics equipment, as well as electrical cabinets. Given the vast amount of evaluation work that must be carried out in preparation for future project stages, a number of evaluation & development projects will be completed at partner facilities where the experience and expertise to complete these tasks already exists. ESS has chosen FZJ to work on three of such development work packages.

Data Analysis and Modelling

The JCNS group located in Garching will also contribute to the development of a software for data analysis and modelling for reflectometry, for data acquired from the instruments FREIA and ESTIA; and for Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering, for data acquired from the spectrometers C-SPEC, MIRACLES, T-REX, and BIFROST.