Industry offers a variety of challenging jobs. An indefinite contract and an attractive salary are only two advantages of working in industry. You can for example find a job in Research and Development, e.g. in a biotechnical or pharmaceutical company, or start a career as a manager.

An interesting aspect of working in industry is working with experts in other disciplines while learning about other fields without having to be an expert. Nearly all industrial projects are carried out by multidisciplinary teams which allow you to get a fascinating insight. In industry you can see in a short time period the impact of your research on the real life. Due do the availability of resources and scientific talent, science, in a pure sense, is also being done in many world-class companies.

In the private sector, it is also possible to work for a management consulting firm. Such companies utilize expert knowledge and competence to provide consultation on various topics and issues. The areas of consultation are diverse and range from management consulting (e.g. strategy, organization, leadership, innovation, production) and IT consulting (system integration, IT service providers) to specialist engineering services. In addition to expert know-how, such a profession requires excellent service orientation, good communication skills, and a high level of commitment.

Job opportunities:

  • Laboratory work or supervision
  • Laboratory services
  • Product and project management
  • Product development – research and development
  • Consulting and services
  • Innovation management

If you are interested please find more specific areas and positions here.

Some soft skills you may require:

  • Ability to work in interdisciplinary and international teams
  • Openness to new challenges
  • Implementation orientation
  • Communication skills
  • Service orientation

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Last Modified: 19.12.2023