Science Management

Within the last years, science management has become a growing career possibility for people who like to communicate and act as a bridge between administrative and academic staff in research institutions and universities.

Science managers work in institutes as well as in administrative departments and allow active researchers to focus on their work. Sound technical knowledge is essential for science managers who need to understand and manage the work of their subordinates and explain the non-technical work to top management and potential clients. Science managers plan, coordinate and manage research, design and production activities. They set scientific and technical goals in broad outlines set by the managers, e.g. by promoting scientific research or developing new products. Managers make detailed plans to achieve these goals. For example, they can develop the overall concepts of a new product or identify technical problems that prevent the completion of a project. To work effectively, these managers also need to apply knowledge of administrative procedures such as budgeting, hiring and monitoring. They can work on basic research projects or commercial activities. Science managers sometimes do their own research and not just manage the work of others.

Science managers also take on responsibilities in terms of supporting young scientists or in innovation management at university and non-university research institutions. The management team of a graduate school, for instance, supports young scientists in achieving further qualifications. In addition to leadership responsibilities, such a position also encompasses tasks like devising a training course programme as well as the strategic development of the graduate school and networking activities.

Possible positions in Science Management:

  • Scientific coordination
  • Project management
  • Research Funding
  • Wissenschaftliche Nachwuchsförderung
  • Innovation management

If you are interested in more specific areas and positions please have a look here.

Some soft skills you may require:

  • Project management skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Ability to think interconnected
  • Ability to get in contact and to work cooperatively

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