Networking & Services

Early-career scientists who are beginning work at Forschungszentrum Jülich may benefit from orientation and advisory services specially tailored to their needs.

For those who already have a foothold, there are many information services and networking opportunities as well as institutional and interdisciplinary exchange programmes.

Internal Services

Research Funding

Research funding has become more and more important as a financial foundation for research projects in the German science system. Competition for these external funds from government ministries and research organizations is becoming a dominant factor. Forschungszentrum Jülich supports scientists in obtaining funding from national and international third parties.

Selected funding opportunities for young scientists

External Funding Portal (Intranet)

Young Excellent Scientist Program (YESP)

International Advisory Services (Intranet)

International Advisory Services, which is part of Personnel, advises employees from abroad and their families on legal matters concerning non-residents and social legislation.

Ombudsmen for good scientific practice (Intranet)

After the recent plagiarism affairs, the question of how scientific self-regulation mechanisms should be designed has moved into the public arena. Forschungszentrum Jülich had already made its position on the matter clear and is firmly convinced that good scientific practice is based on the principles of honesty, conscientiousness, integrity, and open discourse.

Equal Opportunities (Intranet)

The Equal Opportunities Bureau (BfC) offers comprehensive advice guided by its motto: "Work-Life Balance". It provides services that help to combine family and career, such as assistance in finding childcare facilities as well as advice on both Parental leave and support and care of relatives.

To achieve more transparency around the topic of discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexualized violence while allowing employees to share their experiences in an anonymous, straightforward manner without fear of personal consequences, the Equal Opportunities Bureau has also developed a dedicated box for providing feedback and sharing experiences.

Scientific and Technical Council (Intranet)

As a member of the Scientific and Technical Council, you will help shape research and development at the Forschungszentrum and the structure of the Forschungszentrum. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to form networks and to get in touch with scientists from other disciplines.

Last Modified: 19.12.2023