Consulting Service for Superiors

"I want to pass on my enthusiasm for science to as many young people as possible."
(Peter A. Grünberg, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, 2007)

Postdocs and those about to complete their doctoral degrees find themselves at a particularly crucial juncture in which important decisions are taken regarding their future careers. Senior staff are their first port of call when it comes to personal development. To truly live up to this responsibility, they must devote a great deal of time and attention and also demonstrate skills that are not traditionally associated with the core scientific work of heads of scientific organizational units.

With this in mind, what does it mean exactly to be a good career advisor to early-career scientists?

Opportunities to initiate career planning talks include:

  • The start of a working relationship
    This is a chance to discuss the short-, medium-, and long-term prospects of your team members and compare them with your own expectations.
  • Prograss talks
    Are the employee's original objectives still in tune with current developments?
  • The completion of an employment contract
    Senior staff often view talks on the pending termination of an employee’s contract as a challenging and delicate matter.


Viola Middendorf

Team leader Career Center & Postdoc Office Career Counseling & Coaching

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Svenja Klinkenberg

Career Counseling & Coaching Career Center & Postdoc Office

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