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Personal Development Plan for Postdocs

The personal development plan for postdocs serves to ensure transparency right from the very beginning, both in the planning of key scientific responsibilities and in career planning for postdocs. It also provides a basis for agreeing appropriate development activities and can be used to regularly check on their implementation progress.

The personal development plan should therefore be viewed as a progressive document that can be amended or added to throughout a postdoc’s entire period of employment. Everything that is recorded in the document remains confidential between postdocs and their superiors unless agreed otherwise by both parties.

Personal Development Plan for Postdocs 
Personalentwicklungsplan für Postdocs

Annual Personnel Talk

The annual personnel talk provides the ideal opportunity to not only speak about an employee’s range of tasks but also discuss their career plans in an appropriate setting. It is the Jülich form of a structured employee assessment. Removed from any specific issues concerning day-to-day work, superiors and their team members are able to exchange views in a confidential discussion regarding their cooperation as well as their current and future work situation. This exchange serves to improve cooperation and create an atmosphere of understanding and respect among colleagues. The personal development plan can also be incorporated into the annual personnel talk and continuously amended.

The following documents can help superiors to prepare for the annual personnel talks:

Guideline on annual personnel talks (Intranet)
Leitfaden zum Orientierungsgespräch (Intranet)
Preparation sheet for annual personnel talks (Intranet)

Last Modified: 25.05.2022