Field vehicle with height adjustable scanning arm

The FieldCop is a high precision 3D-positioning system for field measurements with custom sensor equipment based on a hydrostatically driven small vehicle. The sensor platform can move a controlled speed along a height adjustable arm that is placed above the plant canopy.

The vehicle has a deadweight of 1.6 metric tons and chassis dimensions of 300 x 130 x 98 cm (L x W x H). In addition it offers standard agricultural connectors such as a 3-point hitch, two power take-offs and hydraulics connections for accessory equipment. A maximum velocity of 8 km/h is possible. In manual mode the vehicle is controlled by using a remote control. There is automatic positioning control along the arm that can be extended to RTK-GPS vehicle steering and positioning control.

Fieldcop measuring with LIFT in sugarbeet field with arm at medium height

Last Modified: 09.02.2023