Graduate Program

Graduate Program "Quantitative Plant Sciences"

Plants provide biomass for growing needs in a world with increasing populations, fewer fossil resources and greater threats to the environment. Plants are the basis for the bioeconomy of the future, in which renewable feedstocks are needed to provide healthy food as well as non-food applications such as materials, chemicals and energy. Crop production is affected by climate change and plants therefore have key roles in dealing with the consequences of climate change.

Based on molecular, physiological and ecological expertise, IBG-2 is focused on integrated concepts for intensified and sustainable plant production. New technologies such as phenotyping with non-invasive methods in combination with bioinformatics open up new possibilities for generating and applying knowledge about plants for a sustainable bioeconomy.

Within its graduate program "Quantitative Plant Sciences", the Institute of Biological and Geosciences - Plant Sciences (IBG-2) is regularly looking for PhD students in natural sciences, agricultural sciences or bioinformatics.

The IBG-2 Graduate Program is based on three main principles

Development of a personal scientific program
Peer mentoring within the doctoral group
Development of social competence and career development - JuDocS

PhD Coordination

Prof. Dr. Ingar Janzik

Wissenschaftlich-administrative Koordination & Ausbildung

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