GrowScreenAgar 1

Plant cultivation in agar-filled plates

The installation GrowScreen-Agar 1 allows simultaneous and non-destructive phenotyping of root and shoot growth and architecture of Arabidopsis plants and young seedlings of different crop species grown in agar-filled Petri dishes (12x12 cm).

GrowScreenAgar 1

The plates are modified to allow the shoot to grow outside the plate, while the roots grow inside the agar gel. The phenotyping system is capable to phenotype root systems and correlate them to whole plant development of up to 280 Arabidopsis plants within 15 min.

Selected publications

GrowScreenAgar 1

Nagel K.A., Lenz H., Kastenholz B., Gilmer F., Averesch A., Putz A., Heinz K., Fischbach A., Scharr H., Fiorani F., Walter W., Schurr U. (2020) The platform GrowScreen-Agar enables identification of phenotypic diversity in root and shoot growth traits of agar grown plants. Plant Methods, 16:89;

Nagel K.A., Kastenholz B., Jahnke S., van Dusschoten D., Aach T., Mühlich M., Truhn D., Scharr H., Terjung S., Walter A., Schurr U. (2009) Temperature responses of roots: impact on growth, root system architecture and implications for phenotyping. Functional Plant Biology. 36, 947-959.

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