The Hyperspectral lab system (HyperLab) will facilitate the functional understanding of shoot properties by high resolution imaging spectroscopy (Fig. 1). It will provide a unique spectral signature for every pixel, which will improve our understanding of plant chemical components distribution at leaf and plant level (Fig. 2 (a), (b)).

Abb. 1 Hyperspectral lab scanner set up
Abb. 2 (a) RGB image of a healthy (left) and a senescence (right) leave
Abb. 2 (b) NDVI image of the same leaves. Red --> healthy, blue --> senescence
The main components of the system are:

  • Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (IBG)
  • Plant Sciences (IBG-2)
Building 06.2 /
Room 406b
+49 2461/61-2638

Last Modified: 23.01.2023