DAAD-RISE professional

12 September 2022

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, https://www.daad.de/en/) RISE Professional programme offers internships to master’s and PhD students (as well as alumni from the RISE Germany programme) from North America (USA, Canada), the UK, and Ireland.

Overview of the most important details

Country of origin: USA, Canada, the UK, and Ireland

Funding: DAAD and host institute

The host institute pays € 500 per month to the person on placement. Support in undertaking this programme is provided by the person’s relevant contact at P-B.

DAAD provides the following support to those selected for the programme:

  • Monthly rate of € 361 (bachelor’s and master’s students) or € 700 (for PhD students)

  • Travel expenses (amount determined by the person’s country of origin)

  • Invitation to a meeting of scholarship holders at the beginning of July

  • Payment of 70 % of language course fees (max. € 250)

  • Health, accident, and personal liability insurance

  • Application by DAAD for an exemption from the work permit for all non-EU citizens

1 September to 31 October 2022: Internship offers uploaded to the DAAD database
1 November to 15 December 2022: Database opened for interested students to apply for the internships online
18 January to 2 February 2023: Ranking of applications
May to December 2023: 3- or 6-months research stay at Forschungszentrum Jülich

Link (German): https://www.daad.de/rise/de/rise-professional/
Link (English): https://www.daad.de/rise/en/rise-professional/


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