Florian Rössing - DR project

A generic particle detector read out

Doctoral Researcher: Florian Rössing
Local ZEA-2 Supervisor: André Zambanini
Topic: Detector Systems
Research Field: Earth and Environment

Particle physics experiments today often rely on integrated electronics for near detector processingof charge signals. Especially larger experiments rely on custom chip developments, that are tailoredto the special needs of the experiment. However, these developments come with high costs, both intime and money.

We believe, that a dedicated generic development can serve the needs for various detectors basedon both gaseous- and photodetectors. In this thesis we will investigate on the signal processing forparticle detectors, including both filtering and digital means for parameter extraction.

Making use ofa 28 nm process will allow us to integrate complex digital electronics, to achieve an accurate parameterextraction close to the detector. This in turn will reduce the burden on the communication interfaces.

  • Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics (ZEA)
  • Electronic Systems (ZEA-2)
Building 02.5 /
Room E1
+49 2461/61-6277


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