Datenmigration für JUROPA-Nutzer

As announced previously, JUROPA will be replaced by the first stage of its successor JURECA probably in May 2015.

Since JURECA will be connected exclusively to the General Parallel File System (GPFS), data currently located in the Lustre file system must be migrated before the first stage of JURECA becomes available.

In the following we describe which JUROPA file systems are affected and where your action is required:

1.) Archive ($GPFSARCH on JUROPA) - no action of users is required
Data in $GPFSARCH of the JUROPA system will still be accessible on JURECA, therefore, it is not necessary to migrate this data.

2.) Home file system ($HOME) - no action of users is required
Data in $HOME will be migrated automatically. The files will be copied to the directory 'juropa' which was already created in each user's GPFS home file system. This directory is initially owned by root and will not be accessible by any user until the migration of all user data has been finished. As soon as JURECA is operational,
ownership of the new directory will be switched to the user and unlimited access to the data will be granted.

3.) Work file system ($WORK) - !! Your action is required !!
The migration of any data residing in the Lustre work file system of JUROPA will lie in the responsibility of each user. In order to copy data to GPFS we recommend the following procedure:

Login to one of the JUROPA GPFS nodes juropagpfsXX (XX=01 to 05), for example

ssh <username>@juropagpfs01

Copy data from $WORK to $GPFSWORK (work directory of JURECA) or $GPFSHOME (home directory of JURECA), for example, using 'cp' or 'rsync':

cp -dru $WORK/directory1 $GPFSWORK/directory1
rsync -au $WORK/directory1 $GPFSWORK/directory1

The file systems on JUROPATEST will be available on JURECA. Therefore, no data migration between JUROPATEST and JURECA will be necessary.

!!! Important: please note the following !!!

Once JUROPA has been shut down the Lustre file system is no longer available.

Data which has not been moved by this time is lost.

Users with projects ending end of April should also backup their data, either to a local system (preferred) or to GPFS as described above, if the data is needed after JUROPA has been shut down.

In case you have questions please contact our supercomputer support:

Phone: 02461 61 2828

JSC, 4 March 2015

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