Circular flows in agricultural production systems

Cycling nutrients using microalgal cultivation systems

Algae have a high capability to sequester nutrients from waste streams and therefore can play an important role in alternative concepts to recycle nutrients. We study the mechanisms and physiology behind the luxury uptake of nutrients by green microalgae and investigate concepts to utilize the algal biomass as a fertilizer in agricultural production.


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Valorising biogenic residues in agricultural processes

Biogenic residues from agricultural processes contain considerable amounts of carbon and plant nutrients. (Re)Introduction these residues into the soil, increases soil fertility while reducing dependency on mineral fertilizers. Following the idea of closed nutrient-loops, processed residues like struvite or ashes are investigated as soil conditioner or fertilizer.


Robles-Aguilar, A. A. ; Pang, J. ; Postma, J. A. ; Schrey, S. D. ; Lambers, H. ; Jablonowski, N. D.
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