Sustainable biomass production for Bioeconomy

Mission and Aims

Exploring and expanding boundaries of biomass production in algal photobioreactors

Cultivation of algae is an option for the production of alternative biomass for materials, chemicals and biofuels and to sequester, on a large scale, nutrients from waste water effluents. Perspectives of growing microalgae as a crop, highlight some of the exceptional (energy) storage properties of microalgae regarding commercial exploitation. We develop novel photobioreactors and cultivation concepts and devices covering multiple scales, tailored for their application in science and economy.


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Perennial plants as a renewable resource

Perennial plants have a significant potential for production on marginal soils and, at the same time, to deliver novel biomass compositions. Tailor-made processes for adaptive lignocellulose processing can then be established to identify high value bio-based chemicals from the biomass sources.


Nabel, M. ; Schrey, S. ; Temperton, V. M. ; Harrison, L. ; Jablonowski, N. D.
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Identifying beneficial lignocellulosic traits for biomass cultivation and processing

As a prerequisite for developing efficient strategies for biomass utilisation and valorisation, it is important to understand plant cell wall structure and biosynthesis. Therefore, the elucidation of cell wall recalcitrance is intensively addressed. We screen different types of lignocellulosic biomass and microalgae for cell wall traits important for further processing but also for plant health. In these studies, especially the composition and structure and the bio-synthesis of cell walls is covered.


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