Mission and goals

Regional, national and international initiatives for a sustainable bioeconomy

With our regional, national and international initiatives, we develop strategies in the field of bioeconomy, implement projects together with our partners and thus contribute to the realization of sustainable value creation and circular economy.

In this context, we understand bioeconomy as the production and use of biological resources in our economic and energy system. By creating knowledge about biological systems, products, processes and services in many economic sectors, we help to shape a sustainable economic system.

Sustainability results from a resource- as well as climate-saving lifestyle and economic style, in which the principles of the circular economy are implemented. Sustainable bioeconomy is a future opportunity for many industries: agriculture and forestry, energy, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food industry, industrial biotechnology, paper industry, cosmetics and environmental protection - they will all expand bioeconomic solutions. Society and all of us as consumers will also benefit from sustainably produced products and services, thus protecting the climate and the environment.

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Mission und Ziele
Last Modified: 22.11.2022