Workshop canSAS XI

08- 10 July 2019, Freising, Germany


An international workshop organized by the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science entitled:

canSAS XI is driving the science of small angle scattering

Reproducibility & Reliability

Reproducibility and reliability are essential for the world-wide small-angle scattering user community. While classical SAS calibrants are widely accepted, a new emphasis lies on calibrating grazing incidence SAS experiments. The exchange of calibrated samples between neutrons and x-rays must be supported.

Establishmente of an accepted set of round robins for GISAS experiments is envisaged by canSAS XI.

Data Formats

A common data format for all SAS experiments is about to be defined ranging from raw data to readily reduced 1- and 2-dimensional data that is handed to the users. Difficulties about large files from event modes are about to be overcome. As of early 2017, for new work, it was recommended to use the NXcanSAS (multi-dimensional) standard for both 1-D and n-D data to maximize the chance that other software will be able to read your data files.

For existing software canSAS XI will initiate the support of the common data format NXcanSAS. The connection to many software developers needs to be made.

SAS Information
The group on SAS information and education has been working with the IUCR SAS Commission to develop a web portal for small angle scattering. This is found at
canSAS X will review and update the web page content.

Grazing Incidence Scattering
Common challenges in grazing incidence SAS experiments will be discussed such as shared protocols, data exchange, synergies of neutrons and x-rays, and development of advanced interpretation.
canSAS XI will contribute to a common understanding of GISAS experiments between different facilities.

About canSAS in general

The collective action for nomadic small angle scatterers (canSAS) is an ongoing activity to provide the small-angle scattering user community with shared tools and information.
This work involves both users and facilities and currently includes:

Providing access to information about small angle scattering
Providing information about SAS facilities
Providing forum for discussions regarding reliability of data, analysis, uncertainty estimates, and interpretation
Working with reference samples to allow comparison of instruments and better understand reliability issues
Proposing and agreeing common reduced data formats
The use of both neutrons and X-rays is widespread and co-operation between these facilities and the user community has been fostered by working groups that address specific fields.

Scientific Programme

The workshop will start on July 8, 2019, 11:00 pm

Time Table:

Download short programme canSASXI Program (PDF, 48 kB) .

Download full programme canSASXI Program (PDF, 3 MB) .

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