The JCNS instruments are listed below according to their location and the facility in which they are installed. You can also browse the instruments using the links to Structures and Dynamics

JCNS Instruments at the MLZ in Garching


Diffractometer for Large Unit Cell

Diffuse Neutron Scattering Spectrometer

Single Crystal Diffractometer on Hot Source

Neutron Spin-Echo Spectrometer

Small Angle Scattering Diffractometer

Small Angle Scattering Diffractometer

Very Small Angle Scattering Diffractometer

Magnetic Reflectometer with High Incident Angle

Cold Three Axis Spectrometer

Polarized Hot Neutron Diffractometer

High Intensity Time of Flight Diffractometer

Backscattering Spectrometer

Thermal time-of-flight spectrometer with polarization analysis

§ Operated by RWTH Aachen

* Under construction

JCNS Instruments at the ILL

IN12Cold Neutron Three Axis Spectrometer
IN22Thermal Neutron Three Axis Spectrometer
D23Thermal Neutron Two Axis Diffractometer

CEA instrument, access for German users through JCNS

JCNS Instruments at the SNS


BASISBackscattering Spectrometer
POWGENPowder Diffractometer
SNS-NSENeutron Spin Echo Spectrometer

SNS instrument, access for German users through JCNS

Last Modified: 17.08.2022