General information for all users at ILL.

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Getting beam time

Deadlines for proposals at the JCNS instruments at ILL are normally twice a year. Have a look at the upcoming deadlines!

Proposals have to be submitted via the ILL Visitor Club where you will find the following links in the PROPOSAL page:

  • CRG Proposal submission IN12
  • CRG Proposal submission IN22
  • CRG Proposal submission D23

Please download the template for the scientific background of your proposal here.

Information about the application process at ILL in general can be found here.

Getting access to the site

This user guide informs you about all you have to prepare before your visit and what will await you on-site.

Financial support

JCNS supports up to two users working on German universities per experiment from the day before the experiment starts to the day after the experiment ends. If the experiment is carried out by more than two people, the group is free to decide who is to receive the financial support. The chosen group members must match the criteria for eligibility mentioned above.

Please bear in mind that any financial support received should be formally acknowledged as described in the Terms of Reference.

The costs include:

  • Travel ticket by plane (economy class) or by train (second class).

The cost of a journey by car will only be refunded only in exceptional cases. This must be discussed with the JCNS User Office ( well in advance and written consent would have to be given. Reimbursement is not possible without this consent.

  • Public transportation tickets
  • Accommodation costs
  • Unfortunately, JCNS cannot offer users any kind of advance payment of any expenses!

In order to apply for financial support, a travel expenses claim form is available from the JCNS User Office ( The claim form will be sent to you by email and must be returned to the User Office no later than six months after the end of your visit with all original invoices by normal post. The form must be completed and signed on both pages.

IMPORTANT! Forschungszentrum Jülich can only refund accommodation costs on invoices with the correct header. In order to be eligible for reimbursement, accommodation invoices must be issued in one of the following formats:

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

JCNS Outstation

Lichtenbergstr. 1

85748 Garching


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH


JCNS Outstation

Lichtenbergstr. 1

85748 Garching


Please note: You are responsible for properly issued invoices.

Experimental report

Don’t forget to submit your report after the experiment!

Last Modified: 07.06.2022