SoNDe Detector Presentation Workshop

Workshop for the presentation of the SoNDe

12-13 September 2019 in Lund, Sweden

In this workshop we present the results of the SoNDe detector project. We delivered a neutron detector fulfilling the following requirements:

- High count rate capability (more than 10 kHz/cm2)
- Pixel resolution of 6x6 mm2 (optionally 3x3 mm2)
- Neutron detection efficiency >90% (for λ>3 Å)
- 6Li-Scintillator based
- Time resolution better than 100 ns
- Modular design, where each module is independently read out by a network

These requirements meet the needs of a wide range on neutron scattering instruments, such as small-angle instruments, reflectometers or spectrometers. In addition, the technology is in a ready-to-deploy frame, which allows for instantaneous startup if needed.
The workshop will comprise a series of presentations from the development team, covering the employed technology, considerations for inclusion into an instrument and technical capability of the detector technology.
Later during the workshop there will be a hands-on session where the SoNDe detector can be seen in operation.

This project includes partners from France (Laboratoire Léon-Brillouin), Norway (IDEAS) and Sweden (ESS and Lund University) and Germany (Forschungszentrum Jülich). The support of the European Union (Grant No. 654124 in the H2020 framework) is gratefully acknowledged.

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