Joint Workshop JCNS and Flipper 2016

Modern Trends in Neutron Scattering from Magnetic Systems
Single-crystal Diffraction with Polarized Neutrons

3 - 7 October 2016, Tutzing, Germany


Recent realizations of emergent quasi-particles such as skyrmions, magnetic monopoles and Weyl fermions in condensed matter have stimulated tremendous research interestsin fundamental studies of quantum materials and nanomagnetism, as well as in realizing their potential applications for future information technology. As unique probe for studying magnetism, neutron scattering matches the entire range of length- and time-scales relevant for many novel magnetic and electronic phenomena. In the present JCNS-Workshop, the current status and future trends in neutron scattering from magnetic systems will be discussed.

Single-crystal diffraction with polarized neutrons addresses challenging scientific problems related to magnetic ordering which are often intractable with other methods. The classical applications - spin density mapping, magnetic form factor determination, separation between different scattering contributions – are supplemented by topical studies: (i) direct discrimination between cycloidal, helical and amplitude modulated spin arrangements; (ii) interplay between crystal and magnetic chirality; (iii) short range magnetic/nuclear correlations in frustrated systems; (iv) local spin anisotropy at the unit cell level. Current trends and method developments will be in the focus of the FLIPPER workshop.

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