3rd Joint Workshop of RIKEN RAP and JCNS

18 March 2019

The Japanese RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics (RAP) and the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS) held their third joint workshop on compact accelerator-driven neutron sources (CANS) on 21 February at RIKEN RAP. The workshop tackled common research topics regarding the development of target and moderator systems for CANS at both institutes. It was organized in conjunction with the annual RIKEN Symposium which was focused on “Compact neutron source RANS and RANS II for a safe and secure society” held on 20 February at RIKEN.

After a brief introduction by Dr. Yoshie Otake and a welcome speech from Dr. Katsumi Midorikawa of RIKEN RAP, presentations on the current status of the projects at RIKEN and JCNS were made. Dr. Thomas Gutberlet of the High Brilliance neutron Source (HBS) project at JCNS as well as Dr. Yoshie Otake of RIKEN RAP expressed the sincere commitment of both institutions to the common research topics and the work done by both groups.

Neutron Scattering
Participants of the 3rd RIKEN RAP/JCNS Joint Workshop at RIKEN in Tokyo.

RIKEN has been operating the accelerator-driven neutron source RANS for several years and is in the process of starting operations at a second compact source RANS II for applications in material sciences and civil engineering projects using neutrons. With its expertise in the field, the RIKEN group collaborates with JCNS to further develop the concept of the HBS in Jülich and to establish common projects on target, moderator and instrument development. RIKEN benefits from the expertise of JCNS in developing neutron targets, moderator systems and instrumentation as well as its many years of experience in operating neutron instruments worldwide.

During the two-day workshop, interesting presentations and discussions were held with invited partners on related projects. These included Prof. Dr. Christiane Alba-Simionesco of LLB, who presented the French project on compact neutron sources SONATE, Prof. Masato Ohnuma of Hokaido University, who explained the operation and status of HUNS CANS in Hokaido, Prof. Hiroaki Kumada from Tsukuba University, who gave a talk on the development of CANS for BNC applications in medical treatments and Prof. Satoshi Koizumi of Ibaraki University, who described SANS instrumentation for RANS. These and all other presentations gave rise to a multitude of common topics which were discussed in great detail.

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