LENS Neutron Webinar Series: News, Upcoming and Archived Seminars

23 June 2020

The League of advanced European Neutron Sources (LENS) will begin a series of neutron webinars, starting in June. LENS announced that it would present a live webinar roughly every two weeks. Initially, the webinars will alternate between two themes: how neutron science contributes to the fight against global health threats, and new directions in neutron instrumentation.

Each webinar is planned to last about an hour and to feature a guest lecturer and an interactive Q&A via the video conference system Zoom. The webinars are also streamed live to the LENS website, where they are recorded and archived.

The dates of the webinars as well as recordings of past lectures are available on the

LENS website.

LENS is a not-for-profit consortium formed to promote cooperation between European neutron infrastructure providers offering transnational user programmes to external researchers. Jülich is an active member of the consortium.

ESS’s Hanna Wacklin-Knecht introduces the LENS webinar series in June 2020.
Last Modified: 14.03.2022