Founding of ELENA – European Association for Low Energy Accelerator-based Neutron Sources

by Thomas Gutberlet, JCNS

12 October 2020

The leading European laboratories and researchers in the field of new accelerator-based neutron sources as future neutron facilities have founded the European Low Energy accelerator-based Neutron facilities Association, known as ELENA for short. The new association was founded by the partners on 10 September, 2020 at a video conference.



new association

is a not-for-profit consortium formed to promote the cooperation between European

laboratories, companies and researchers working in the field of low energy accelerator-based neutron sources.

It will place emphasis

on cooperation and the initiation of collaborations, research and development at accelerator-based neutron sources within Europe. ELENA will promote activities and projects in this field in Europe and help to develop, improve and enlarge the European neutron facilities ecosystem.

Current members of ELENA are from institutions and organizations such as

ESS Bilbao (Spain)


IFE (Norway)


JCNS (Germany)


LLB (France)


LNL Legnaro (Italy)


Mirrotron Ltd. (Hungary)

. Thomas Brückel of JCNS was appointed as Chair of the Association, Alain Menelle of LLB as Vice-Chair.

ELENA is open to new members in Europe. Further information and contact details can be found at


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