CSC Scholarship Programme

2 September 2022

The China Scholarship Council (CSC, is a non-profit funding organization with headquarters in Beijing that is affiliated with the Chinese ministry of education. CSC runs the world's biggest doctoral research programme. Every year, a high number of fully financed scholarships are issued for research stays abroad.

Types of scholarship and duration of stays:

  • PhD (4 years)
  • Joint PhD (6 to 24 months)
  • Postdoc (6 to 24 months)
  • Visiting scholar (max. 12 months)

Postdocs should have completed their doctorate no more than three years ago; for visiting scholars it can be longer than three years ago.

CSC pays out monthly scholarship rates (PhD: € 1,350; postdoc: € 1,350) and covers the costs of outbound and return flights.
Postdocs and visiting scholars receive a monthly supplement payment from the host institute at Forschungszentrum Jülich amounting to € 500 plus € 50 for an insurance package. Any additional payments beyond this sum are agreed between the scholar and the host institute.

Important note:
Before the job profiles are sent to the Helmholtz Beijing Office for publication, they first have to be assessed in accordance with the provisions of foreign trade law.

The corresponding “Checklist for scholarship holders” can be found in the Law and Patents folder of the form management system.


until 28 October 2022 you can send job profiles to Gabriele Weiland (

Further Informations:
For PhD: Helmholtz Call for Chinese Applicants Interested in Running for CSC 2023 Fellowship
For PostDoc: Helmholtz Call for Chinese Applicants Interested in Running for CSC 2023 Fellowship


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