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Big Data Analytics


The working group “Big Data Analytics” solves strategic problems in processing and analysis of large-scale neuroscientific data. Our goal is to build a multiscale and multimodal digital atlas of the human brain.

Image Processing and Machine Learning for high resolution image data. We develop scalable algorithms for processing, 3D reconstruction and analysis of microscopic scans of human brain tissue. Important aspects are Deep Learning and unsupervised clustering for pattern analysis in brain tissue. To this end, we mostly apply High Performance Computing and collaborate closely with the Juelich Supercomputing Center (JSC).

cnn2-stream Convolutional Neural Network architecture for recognizin cortical brain areas (Spitzer/Amunts/Harmeling/Dickscheid; ISBI 2017).

Big Data Würfel

Data management for High-Throughput Imaging. We design and implement structured workflows for data management in high throughput microscopy, with data rates of multiple terabytes a day. We also support neuroscientists in INM-1 in building data analytics pipelines for large in-vivo cohort studies.

Frontend development for digital brain atlases. We develop services for visual and semantic exploration of 2D and 3D neuroscientific data, as well as for interactive analysis and editing of large image datasets through web-based interfaces. Our developments build core components of the Human Brain Project's (HBP) neuroinformatics platform.

Web FrontendsWeb Frontends for exploration of brain atlases (left), and for spatial alignment of multimodal volumetric brain images (right).

Neuroscientific metadata standardization. Together with numerous scientific partners inside and outside Europe, we compile metadata standards and ontologies of human brain organization. These standards serve as a basis for building a digital human brain atlas within the Human Brain Project (HBP).



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