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Receptors and brain function

Analyses of regional and laminar distributions of multiple receptors not only enable the identification and mapping of cortical areas on a molecular basis, but also broaden our understanding of the molecular principles underlying structural and functional segregation of neuronal networks. "Receptor fingerprints", i.e., the balance in the expression levels of different receptor types in a given architectonic entity provide crucial insights into the relationship between receptor gradients and known functional hierarchies and cognitive networks.

Receptor-FingerprintsCommonalities and differences in clustering patterns of fingerprints from the supragranular, granular and infragranular layers of the human cerebral cortex. X axes: Euclidean distances; Blue, areas of the anterior language region (Broca Region); Red, areas of the visual system.
Copyright: Modified after: Zilles & Palomero-Gallagher (2017) Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 11: 78.