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HBS Workshop 2016

29-30 September 2016, Unkel, Cologne area, Germany


Programme of the 2nd High Brilliance Neutron Source Workshop

29-30 September 2016, Rheinhotel Schulz, Unkel, Germany

Thursday Sept 29, 2016

12:30Lunch buffet
13:30Welcome Address, S. Schmidt, FZJ
Status of projects
 T.Gutberlet (PDF, 2 MB) JCNS (20 min)
 C. Alba-Simionesco (PDF, 1 MB) , LLB (20 min)
 T. Brückel (PDF, 2 MB) , JCNS (20 min)
14:30Coffee break
14:50Parallel Sessions
Target / AcceleratorModerators / Instruments
M. Bai, IKP-4 (25 min)
 COSY and HBS accelerator systems (PDF, 994 kB)
T. Cronert, JCNS (20 min)
 Development and test of compact moderator systems (PDF, 3 MB)
J. Schwindling, CEA (25 min)
 Ramping up of IPHI (PDF, 2 MB)
F. Sordo, ESS-B (20 min)
 HBS moderator-reflector system coupled with ESS-Bilbao target station proposal (PDF, 5 MB)
A. Mennelle, LLB (25 min)
 Status of the SONATE project, tests on the IPHI accelerator (PDF, 3 MB)
J. Füzi, BNC (20 min)
 Phase space mapping of brilliance of moderators and optical components (PDF, 2 MB)
I. Bustinduy, ESS-B (25 min)
 Advances in the development of the ESS-Bilbao proton injector (PDF, 8 MB)
L. Rosta, BNC (20 min)
 Design efforts for cost-efficient cold moderators. (PDF, 3 MB)
J.P. Dabruck, RWTH (20 min)
 Development of a moderator system for the High Brilliance Neutron Source (PDF, 2 MB)
16:30Coffee break
17:00P. Zakalek, JCNS (25 min)
 Development of high-brilliant neutron source targets (PDF, 2 MB)
L. Zanini, ESS (20 min)
 ESS moderator design optimization work (PDF, 5 MB)
S. Böhm, RWTH (25 min)
 Characterization and Efficiency of the Accelerator-Driven Neutron Sources (PDF, 2 MB)
J. Voigt, JCNS (20 min)
 Neutron spectroscopy instruments (PDF, 2 MB)
G. Gorini, U Milano (25 min)
 Fast neutron irradiation and related neutronics calculations (PDF, 7 MB)
U. Rücker, JCNS (20 min)
 Neutron diffraction instruments (PDF, 808 kB)
C. Andreani, Uni Rome Tor Vergata (20 min)
 Time-Resolved Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis (T-PGAA) (PDF, 7 MB)
M. Marko, BNC (20 min)
 Optimisation of beam components for neutron spectroscopy towards compact devices (PDF, 1 MB)

Friday Sept 30, 2016

09:00Round Table
Each partner 5 min summary and outlook (JCNS, ESS-B, LLB, BNC, INFM, CNR)
10:00Coffee break
10:30Report of Parallel Sessions and Discussion
P. Zakalek, JCNS (20 min)
U. Rücker, JCNS (20 min)
11:30Discussion EU-Proposal
 T. Gutberlet (PDF, 238 kB) , JCNS (30 min)
13:00Lunch break
14:00Discussion on next steps and common future work
 Brückel (PDF, 663 kB) , JCNS