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Single Crystal Spectroscopy:
Multi-TAS or TOF?

10 – 11 October 2013, Murnau, Germany



Thursday 10 October

12h45 Lunch

13h50 Welcome
14h00 K. Lefmann Overview of multiplexing spectrometers, plans for CAMEA instrument at PSI, comparison with TOF spectrometers
14h30 M. Boehm Multiplexing at the ILL - trading efficiency against complexity
15h00 K. Kaneko Upgrade plan of three-axis spectrometers in JRR-3: complementary with inelastic instruments in J-PARC
15h30 J. Ollivier What does the time-of-flight instruments bring to the single crystal spectroscopy? Experience from the reactor based IN5 spectrometer

16h00 Coffee break

17h00 C. Stock Applications of MACS to magnetic superconductors and triangular magnets
17h30 A. Boothroyd Single crystal neutron spectroscopy using time-of-flight
18h00 B. Lake Modern neutron scattering techniques for the investigation of frustrated magnets
18h30 J. O. Birk The CAMEA multi-analyzer concept, design study for ESS and first test results

19h30 Dinner

Discussion with wine and beer

Friday 11 October

8h30 M. Frontzek The multiferroic, geometric frustrated CuCrO2 compound: interlayer exchange and domain formation
9h00 N. Tsapatsaris Bridging the energy resolution gap: A perspective on TOF and crystal energy analysis in molecular materials
9h30 P. Steffens Flatcone & Co : Hard- and software for multi-analyser TAS at the ILL
10h00 R. Toft-Petersen Flat-cone option at FLEXX

10h30 Coffee break

11h00 J. Voigt Single crystal chopper spectroscopy
11h30 P. Deen An overview of Direct Geometry Spectroscopy at the ESS - how do we compare with triple axis instrumentation?
12h00 Closing remarks

13h00 Lunch

14h00 Excursion to Muenterhaus