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HBS Workshop Programme

Welcome and Strategic Setting
11:00 – 13:00Get together
Reception, lunch buffet
Session 1: National European Neutron Strategies
13:00 Welcome
 German neutron strategy (PDF, 3 MB)
S. Schmidt
FZ Jülich
13:30  Neutron Strategy in France (PDF, 3 MB) C. Alba-Simionesco
LLB Saclay
14:00  ESS Bilbao and the Spanish Long Term Strategy in Neutron Techniques (PDF, 3 MB) J.L. Martinez
ESS Bilbao
14:30The dynamical landscape of European neutron science: the current status of neutron scattering facilities in EuropeC. Petrillo
University of Perugia
Coffee break
Session 2: Projects / Facilities
15:30  Advanced efficiency neutron beam generation at ESS (PDF, 3 MB) F. Mezei
16:00  Current and Past Compact Neutron Source Projects (PDF, 1 MB) J. Carpenter
Argonne National Lab.
16:30  Activity of compact neutron sources in Japan and their network JCANS (PDF, 2 MB) Y. Kiyanagi
Univ. Nagoya
17:00  The HBS Project (PDF, 17 MB) Th. Brückel
JCNS, FZ Jülich
17:30  Introduction: EU R&D funding programs (PDF, 876 kB) A. Thies
Helmholtz Association Brussels Office
Round-Table discussionChair: S. Schmidt
Technical developments
Session 2 (continued): Projects / Facilities
09:00  New Sorgentina Fusion Source: 14 MeV neutrons for fusion and beyond (PDF, 3 MB) A. Pietropaolo
Session 3: Accelerator
09:25  High Intensity accelerators for neutron production at CEA Saclay (PDF, 3 MB) J. Schwindling
IRFU, CEA Saclay
09:50  Proton and Deuteron accelerators (PDF, 2 MB) D. Prasuhn
IKP, FZ Jülich
10:15  Short-pulsed Neutron Sources based on Laser-induced particle acceleration (PDF, 17 MB) M. Büscher
PGI, FZ Jülich
Coffee Break
Session 4: Target / Moderator
11:15  Targets at LNL for BNCT and fast neutrons (PDF, 5 MB) L. Silvestrin
INFN Legnaro
11:40  ESS-BILBAO 2013: a target station proposal for a medium size neutron source (PDF, 7 MB) F. Sordo
ESS Bilbao
12:05  Simulation Studies on the Target-Moderator-System for the HBS Project (PDF, 2 MB) J.P. Dabruck
RWTH Aachen
Session 4 (continued): Target / Moderator
13:50  Prototype construction and design of a cold neutron source for the HBS project (PDF, 2 MB) T. Cronert
JCNS, FZ Jülich
14:15  Ortho-Parahydrogen conditioning for HBS (PDF, 2 MB) M. Klaus
TU Dresden
Session 5: Instrumentation
14:40  Optimized pulsed neutron sources for diffraction and large-scale-structure investigations (PDF, 851 kB) U. Rücker
JCNS, FZ Jülich
15:05  Moderator Requirements for Neutron Spectroscopy (PDF, 4 MB) J. Voigt
JCNS, FZ Jülich
15:30Wrap-up and ClosingTh. Brückel
JCNS, FZ Jülich
16:00Coffee and Departure

Access to the pdf files of the lectures available using the User Name and Password provided to workshop participants - simply click on the lecture title.