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Membranes Beyond

International Workshop on Status and Perspectives in Research on Membrane Structure and Interaction

July 2-4, 2018, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, Canada


Invited Speakers

The workshop will include invited and contributed oral presentations and a poster session.

Invited speakers:

Stephen White, UC Irvine
John Nagle, Carnegie Mellon
Scott Prosser, U of Toronto
Richard Epand, McMaster
Peter Tieleman, U Calgary
John Katsaras, ORNL
Giovanna Fragneto, ILL

Contributed speakers (to be continued):

Thad Harroun, Brook U
John Katsaras, ORNL
Norbert Kucerka, JINR
Mu Ping-Nieh, U Conneticut
Georg Pabst, University Graz
Jeremy Pencer, CNL



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