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Jülich and the European Spallation Source

Neutron scattering gives us unique insights into matter. It is therefore indispensable both for basic and application-oriented research. The world's most powerful neutron source - the ESS European Spallation Source - is planned to go into operation in the south of Sweden in 2019, and Jülich will be part of it.

ESSDrawing of the planned European Spallation Source
Copyright: Picture: ESS

Prof. Sebastian Schmidt, who has been coordinating the German contributions to the planning phase since 2009, and Prof. Dieter Richter, who was Director at the Division for Neutron Scattering of the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science and the Institute of Complex Systems until 2015, explained to the German internet portal "Welt der Physik" what is behind this major project and what opportunities it offers for research.

Podcast of the interview (09.09.2010, in German)