International Bioeconomy

Global strategies for a sustainable bioeconomy

Bioeconomy has a global dimension and can make important contributions to solving global problems such as ensuring the health and nutrition of the world's growing population with a sustainable supply of food, energy, water, and raw materials.

Plants and plant production play a very important role in the bioeconomy for the future because (i) they are central elements of production systems and determine inputs such as water, nutrients or energy efficiency; (ii) they provide renewable biomass for use as food or feed, as raw materials for chemicals, for direct use or for bioenergy; and (iii) they are essential elements in production systems for closing (nutrient) cycles, which are indispensable in the development of a sustainable bioeconomy.

In this context, we are making an important contribution to the United „Sustainable Development Goals“.

Current Highlights

Last Modified: 26.01.2023