Grazing Cattle Reduce Emission of Nitrous Oxide

Erwin Schrödinger Prize 2013 goes to ecosystem climate researchers from Germany and China

Jülich, 2 July 2013 – The Jülich ecosystem researcher Prof. Nicolas Brüggemann and four members of a German-Chinese research group have been announced as this year’s joint winners of the Stifterverband Science Award – Erwin Schrödinger Prize. In a long-term project, the team headed by Prof. Klaus Butterbach-Bahl from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) found that cattle farming in steppe and prairie sites reduced the emission of nitrous oxide (N2O). Researchers had previously assumed the opposite. The prize, which is awarded every year by the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft and the Helmholtz Association, is worth € 50,000.

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Last Modified: 25.05.2022