Transfer and Innovation

Scientific projects often end with their great findings. The subsequent transfer of these findings into an even broader application or the development of products rarely takes place, whether due to a lack of resources and capacities or perhaps also due to a general lack of support culture in this country to take the high entrepreneurial risk of a start-up.

Forschungszentrum Jülich wants to change this and facilitate the path to a start-up for young researchers with a broad range of support services in the area of transfer and innovation. In addition to a wide range of financial support such as innovation funds, the Jülich Startup Village also offers business consulting and networking programs.

As Agrosphere Institute, we are therefore delighted to have been able to lay the foundations for several such start-ups. With the help of the institute's own support as well as center-wide support from our Jülich innovation management, we have been able to help young researchers find their very own, innovative path to their own start-up.

Transfer and Innovation

We would like to introduce two of these current start-ups to you here. And offer you the opportunity to accompany the young researchers through their exciting next phase and into their own entrepreneurship.

Last Modified: 04.07.2024