HBS Instrumentation Workshop 2022

9 - 13 May 2022, MLZ, Garching, Germany

An international workshop has been organized by the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS) on the topic of HBS Instrumentation at the MLZ in garching between 9 – 13 May, 2022. The workshop discussed possible instruments for the future HiCANS facility HBS and the suite of instruments to be offered to the demands of the user community.

The workshop was held in person and as virtual meeting with participants from all areas of neutron sciences and instrumentation from Germany and Europe. Lively discussions and constructive suggestions created a motivated spirit on the options of instruments at the future HBS facility. 

Workshop Program



T. Gutberlet

The Jülich HBS Project for Accelerator-based Neutron Sources I

P. Zakalek

The Jülich HBS Project for Accelerator-based Neutron Sources II

K. Lieutenant

Source parameters and boundary conditions for the instrumentation at the HBS

Diffactometers at HBS


K. Lieutenant

The diffractometer suite of the HBS

J. Fenske

An Engineering Diffractometer for HBS

K. Lieutenant

The Thermal Powder Diffractometer of the HBS

M. Feygenson

Disordered Materials Diffractometer at HBS

W. Schweika

Single crystal diffractometer, Elastic diffuse scattering spectrometer, Polarised diffuse neutron spectrometer

T. Schrader

The Macro Molecular Diffractometer

A. Houben

How to delight a powder-diffractometry enthusiastic chemist

H. Kohlmann

Powder diffraction – the wish list of solid-state chemistry

Large-Scale-Structure Instruments at HBS


S. Jaksch

The SANS instruments of the HBS

P. Zakalek

The reflectometers of the HBS

H. Frielinghaus

SANS instruments for HBS: GISANS

H. Frielinghaus

SANS instruments for HBS: High throughput SANS with polarization

V. Pipich

The SANS instrument with VSANS option

A. Glavic

Compact high brilliance universal Reflectometer CHUR

U. Rücker

Reflectometer for specular and off-specular scattering at the HBS

S. Disch

SANS by Functional Inorganic Nanostructures

T. Hellweg

Smart acrylamide based microgels: Response kinetics

Annekatrin Sill

In-situ neutron reflectivity studies of polyelectrolyte multilayers

Spectrometers at HBS


J. Voigt

A spectrometer suite for the HBS

C. Franz/S. Pasini

Neutron Spin Echos

R. Zorn/J. Voigt

Backscattering Spectrometer on HBS

J. Voigt

Crystal Monochromator Spectrometers for HBS

N. Violini

Direct geometry spectrometers for the HBS

K. Schmalzl

Inverted Geometry Spectrometers

A. Stadler

Neutron spectroscopy for biomolecular research

Imaging and Analytics Instruments at HBS


E. Mauerhofer

The analytics instruments of the HBS

M. Strobl

Neutron Imaging at HBS

M. Strobl

Epithermal NI Instruments at HBS

N. Kardjilov

The Thermal Imaging instrument

E. Mauerhofer

The PGNAA instruments

E. Vezhlev

The instrument for Neutron Depth Profiling (NDP)

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