Two exceptional Georgian Women from the Agricultural University of Georgia (AUG) started a Joint Journey in Electrical and Computer Engineering Exchange Program

Two exceptional Georgian Women from the Agricultural University of Georgia (AUG) started a Joint Journey in Electrical and Computer Engineering Exchange Program
Stefan van Waasen (Director of the ZEA-2 Institute), Mariam Papava, Alan Firdauzi (ZEA-2) and Ketevan Lomjaria

In their pursuit of academic and professional growth, Mariam Papava and Ketevan Lomjaria, two exceptional students from the Agricultural University of Georgia (AUG) at Kakha Bendukidze Campus, started on an exchange program to broaden their understanding of electrical and computer engineering. With a strong drive to expand their knowledge as well as practical skills, they began a transformative journey that exposed them to cutting-edge subjects and provided them with invaluable experiences in a supportive as well as diverse academic environment at Electronic Systems Institute (ZEA-2) at Forschungszentrum Jülich. The two women stayed for one month and were able to gather many new and exciting impressions.

Mariam Papava and Ketevan Lomjaria, both fourth-year students specializing in Electrical and Computer Engineering, began their international journey with the aim of exploring topics like electronics and digital systems, which were not extensively covered in their previous academic curriculum. Both sought opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of these subjects and to discover new areas of study.

While being abroad, Mariam found herself particularly captivated by the field of FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) and expanded her knowledge on the intricacies of CPU (Central Processing Unit) operations. Engaged in a project, she received assistance from mentors and colleagues who readily provided guidance and answered her questions.

During her time at the ZEA-2, Ketevan's enthusiasm for electrical engineering led her to explore the intricacies of designing integrated circuits (ICs). This hands-on experience allowed her to gain a comprehensive understanding of the devices she had previously used as descrete components. Engaged in a task that formed part of a larger project, Ketevan eagerly immersed herself in the project's intricacies under the mentorship of experienced professionals.

The supportive work environment at the ZEA-2 provided them with the necessary guidance and encouragement to enhance their knowledge and practical skills.

While adapting to a new culture and environment can pose challenges, Mariam and Ketevan embraced the experience with an open mind. They felt intellectually stimulated and enriched to learn about the various cultural backgrounds of their peers. Although there were also initial challenges for them like transportation, effective communication with the colleagues at ZEA-2 swiftly resolved any concerns.

Reflecting on their brief yet transformative experience during the exchange program, both recommend such opportunities to other students. They believe that venturing into a different academic setting, even temporarily, offers a unique perspective on various subjects. The experience broadened their horizons into unexplored areas and it enabled them to make informed decisions about their future academic pursuits.

It was very interesting for me to learn more about the details of the devices that I have already used previously in a different way. This was more in-depth look at the general knowledge that I had accumulated throughout last 4 years.
Ketevan Lomjaria

Last Modified: 12.07.2023