selma measurement system

Measurement System


In this topic we develop high-resolution, scalable and reliable measuring systems for tomographic investigations in environmental and earth science.
The focus is on multi-channel system architectures, efficient signal and data processing, in-system calibration and model-based error correction. A special emphasis is on scalable and modular architectures, reliable design for long-term measurements, and optimized sensor design and integration.


Dr. Egon Zimmermann


Building 02.5 / Room -

+49 2461/61-8662


Meet the team

Dr. Egon ZimmermannBuilding 02.5 / Room 212+49 2461/61-8662
Markus DickBuilding 02.5 / Room E1+49 2461/61-6268
Dr. Achim MesterBuilding 02.5 / Room 00+49 2461/61-4323
Tom NeubertBuilding 02.5 / Room 227+49 2461/61-6268
Dr. Heinz RongenBuilding 02.5 / Room E1+49 2461/61-4512

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