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Our three-dimensional cytoarchitectonic probabilistic maps are part of various software packages and databases.

Julich-Brain Science

Julich-Brain Atlas

"Julich-Brain" is the name of the first 3D atlas of the human brain, which depicts the variability of the brain structure with micoscopic resolution.
Julich-Brain is part of the HBP Human Brain Atlas (EBRAINS). Julich-Brain provides the maps for the Anatomy Toolbox.

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Big Brain HIBALL


Our high-resolution 3D model of a human brain based on 7404 tissue sections is the focus of the German-Canadian Helmholtz International Lab HIBALL. Together with our Canadian partners from CIFAR and MILA as well as from Helmholtz AI, we develop new deep learning methods and use supercomputing to analyze data in the petabyte range (Joint Lab SMHB).

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JuGEx is an integrated framework of the AllenBrain and JuBrain atlas for statistical analysis of differential gene expression in the adult human brain.


Software for the analysis of gene expression in cytoarchitectonic areas.

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1000 Gehirne-Projekt


Study on brain aging and its inter-individual variability.

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