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MR-PET Scanners

Human Scanners

  • 3 Tesla MR-PET System (Siemens Healthcare)
  • 9.4 Tesla MR-PET System and Parallel Transmit Capability (Siemens Healthcare)

MRT Scanners

Human Scanners

  • 3 Tesla Tim Trio System (Siemens Healthcare)
  • 4 Tesla MedSpec (Bruker BioSpin/Siemens Healthcare)
  • 7 Tesla (Siemens Healthcare)

Animal Scanners

  • 9.4 Tesla Animal System with Clinical User Interface and Parallel Transmit Capability (Siemens Healthcare, Varian Inc, Bruker BioSpin, FZJ)

PET Scanners

  • Ecat HR+ (Siemens Healthcare)


  • 248 Magnetometer MEG System (4D Neuroimaging MAGNES WH 3600)


  • High Performance Cluster
    288 Prozessorkerne
    2 NVIDIA Tesla S1070 GPGPU Units
  • MRI Archiving System
  • Network Storage Systems (> 40 TB Hard Disk Space)

Other Facilities

  • Electronics Lab
  • Mechanics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab