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Selected Publications

Dr. Thomas Gutberlet


  1. U. Rücker, T. Cronert, J. Voigt, J.P. Dabruck, P.-E. Doege, J. Ulrich, R. Nabbi, Y. Bessler, M. Butzek, M. Büscher, C. Lange, M. Klaus, T. Gutberlet, T. Brückel
    The Jülich high-brilliance neutron source project
    Eur. Phys. J. Plus, 131, 19-33, 2016

  2. K. Wojciechowski, T. Gutberlet, O. Konovalov
    Anion-specificity at water–air interface probed by total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TRXF)
    Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects, 413, 184-190, 2012

  3. M. Trapp, T. Gutberlet, F. Juranyi, T. Unruh, B. Demé, M. Tehei, J. Peters
    Hydration dependent studies of highly aligned multilayer lipid membranes by neutron scattering
    J. Chem. Phys 133, 164505, 2010

  4. H. Schmidt, E. Huger, S. Chakravarty, J. Stahn, T. Gutberlet, U. Tietze, D. Lott
    Neutron Reflectometry: A Tool to Investigate Diffusion Processes in Solids on the Nanometer Scale
    Adv. Eng. Mat., 11, 446-451, 2009

  5. C. Delajon, T. Gutberlet, R. Steitz, H. Moehwald, R. Krastev
    Formation of Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Architectures with Embedded DMPC Studied in Situ by Neutron Reflectometry
    Langmuir, 2005, 21, 8509

  6. J. Stahn, J. Chakhalian, C. Niedermayer, J. Hoppler, T. Gutberlet, J. Voigt, F. Treubel, H.U. Habermeier, G. Christiani, B. Keimer, C. Bernhard
    Magnetic proximity effect in Perovskite Superconductor/Ferromagnet Multilayers
    Phys. Rev. B, 71, 2005, 140509(R)

  7. D. Huster, A. Vogel, C. Katzka, H.A. Scheidt, H. Binder, S. Dante, T. Gutberlet, O. Zschornig, H. Waldmann, K. Arnold
    Membrane Insertion of a Lipidated Ras Peptide Studied by FTIR, Solid-State NMR, and Neutron Diffraction Spectroscopy
    J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 125, 2003, 4070-4079

  8. R. Steitz, T. Gutberlet, T. Hauss, B. Klosgen, R. Krastev, S. Schemmel, A.C. Simonsen, G.H. Findenegg
    Nanobubbles and Their Precursor Layer at the Interface of Water Against a Hydrophobic Substrate
    Langmuir, 19, 2003, 2409-2418

  9. T. Gutberlet, U. Dietrich, H. Bradaczek, G. Pohlentz, K. Leopold, W. Fischer
    Cardiolipin, Alpha-D-glucopyranosyl, and L-lysylcardiolipin from Gram-positive bacteria: FAB MS, monofilm and X-ray powder diffraction studies
    Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1463, 2000, 307-322

  10. T. Gutberlet, J. Frank, H. Bradaczek, W. Fischer
    Effect of Lipoteichoic Acid on Thermotropic Membrane Properties
    J. Bacteriol., 179, 1997, 2879-2883

  11. T. Gutberlet, D. Vollhardt
    Thermally Induced Domain Growth in Fatty Acid Ester Monolayers
    J. Coll. Interf. Sci., 173, 1995, 429-435.

  12. M. Kastowsky, T. Gutberlet, H. Bradaczek
    Molecular Modelling of the Three-Dimensional Structure and Conformational Flexibility of Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide
    J. Bacteriol., 174, 1992, 4798-4806


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