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Multi-tip SPM instrument development

In quantum nanoscience, it is essential to perform electronic transport measurements at the nanoscale. We design ultra-compact multi-tip scanning probe instruments with we use as a “multimeter at the nanoscale”.

The multimeter at the nanoscale, in which the tips of a multi-tip scanning probe microscope are used as freely positionable contacts, is an alternative to lithographically patterned contacts. The advantages of this approach are:

  • In situ contacting of “as grown” nanostructures still under vacuum keeps delicate nanostructures free from contaminations which are often induced by lithography steps.
  • Both a flexible positioning of contacting tips and different contact configurations are easy to realize.
  • Since each of the tips is a scanning probe microscope with atomic resolution, the contacts can be placed with atomic precision.
  • Probing with SPM tips can be performed either non-invasive (high ohmic), or invasive (low ohmic).

Our ultra-compact multi-tip SPMs are commercially available via the spin-off company mProbes.

TetraProbe multi-tip scanning probe microscopeOur ultra-compact TetraProbe multi-tip scanning probe microscope. Four independent SPM units are integrated within a diameter of 50 mm, resulting in an unsurpassed mechanical stability, providing atomic resolution with each of the tips.