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New video clip shows diversity of our measurement site

New video clip shows diversity of our measurement site

The intensive monitoring site Selhausen of the TERENO Observatory Eifel/Lower Rhine Bay comprises 51 agricultural fields with an area of approx. 1 km2. It is exemplary for the heterogeneous rural area of the Lower Rhine Valley. Since 2011, an Eddy covariance station, a SOILCan lysimeter station with 24 lysimeters and rhizotron facilities have been operated. At the two rhizotron facilities, continuous root observations and borehole ground penetrating radar measurements are taken. In addition to measurements of energy, material, water and greenhouse gas fluxes, the phenological development of crops and agricultural activities are thus intensively recorded. The station is part of the European research network ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System), with the aim of a long-term balance of greenhouse gas fluxes in Europe. The station is equipped following the strict rules for a class 1 site in the European CO2monitoring Research Infrastructure ICOS ( Together with extensive plant and soil measurements at this and several other sites across Europe, these fluxes help answering the question whether cropland is a sink or a source of atmospheric CO2, and how this can be modified by management strategy.

IBG-3 also operates in the framework of TERENO a grassland and a forest site with similar measurements further in the Northern Eifel.

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Bogena et al. (2018)

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