Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

This optical method allows detection and characterization of the binding of biological molecules.

Oberflächenplasmonresonanz (SPR)

In SPR-assays, one of the interactants is immobilized on the surface of a thin metallic film. When a binding partner is added, the refractive index of the film will be altered in a characteristic way, thereby allowing the time-resolved study of interaction between the two materials.

Oberflächenplasmonresonanz (SPR)
The resulting sensorgram is a representation of the surface plasmon resonance signal in resonance units (RU) versus time (t). Here, one resonance unit corresponds to the binding of 1 pg to the surface of a flow cell with the area of 1 mm2. Accordingly, the unit RU is defined as pg/mm2.

Last Modified: 25.05.2022