SuFIDA - Disruptive Digital Diagnostics

Helmholtz Innovation Lab


The SuFIDA Innovation Lab, funded by the Helmholtz Association, develops digital assays for low-concentration targets with highly specific single-molecule sensitivity.

SuFIDA Innovation Lab

Research Topics

  • diagnostic
  • assay development
  • digital assay technology
  • microscopy
  • fluorescence microscopy
  • data analysis


Dr. Tuyen Bujnicki


Building 05.8v / Room 3020

+49 2461/61-1687


SuFIDA (surfaced-based fluorescence immuno digital assay) is the combination of the proven principle of a sandwich ELISA and digital readout using highly sensitive fluorescence microscopy. The digital method enables detection at single-molecule level and thus achieves a 1000-fold higher sensitivity than a standard ELISA. This allows for better detection of diseases that are difficult to diagnose and thus enables more accurate diagnosis. For this purpose, the Innovation Lab develops standardized digital assays using SuFIDA technology and has pipetting robots and automated "high-end" microscopes. In cooperation with partners from academia and industry, ideas are implemented in joint development projects. The Lab covers almost the entire innovation process from exploratory development to validation.


Karen Hänel

Bernd König

Imke Völkl

Anne Cousin

Sandra Kienast

Susanne Mödder

Markus Tusche

Selected Publications

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