Structural Basis of Protein Signaling


We study structure-function relationships in proteins of biological and biotechnological importance, combining biochemical, biophysical, and X-ray crystallographic techniques.

Research Topics

  • Protein crystallography
  • Blue-light photoreceptor proteins
  • arrestin-GPCR interaction
  • Protein-ligand interactions
  • Protein aggregation


Prof. Dr. Renu Batra-Safferling


Building 05.8v / Room 3019

+49 2461/61-9495


The primary focus of our research group is to understand the structure-function relationships of soluble and membrane proteins of biological importance. Our approach remains to conduct these studies with techniques that allow a complete dissection of kinetic and structural properties of the proteins in static and dynamic states. The three-dimensional structure is determined by X-ray crystallographic techniques. The structural, functional and thermodynamic properties on wild-type and modified forms of the macromolecules generated by site-directed mutagenesis are studied extensively using transient and steady-state kinetics, as well as selected biophysical techniques.


PD Dr. Joachim Granzin

Selected Publications

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