Hybrid MM/CG webserver

Hybrid Molecular Mechanics/Coarse-Grained (MM/CG) simulations help predict ligand poses in human G protein-coupled receptors (hGPCRs), the most important protein superfamily for pharmacological applications. This approach allows the description of the ligand, the binding cavity, and the surrounding water molecules at atomistic resolution, while coarse-graining the rest of the receptor.

The hybrid MM/CG webserver (mmcg.grs.kfa-juelich.de) automatizes and speeds up the MM/CG simulation setup of hGPCR/ligand complexes. Initial structures for such complexes can be easily and efficiently generated with our server GOMoDo (gomodo.grs.kfa-juelich.de). The hybrid MM/CG server also allows for equilibration of the systems, either fully automatically or interactively. The results are visualized online, helping the user identify possible issues and modify the setup parameters accordingly. Furthermore, the prepared system can be downloaded and the simulation continued locally.

Last Modified: 12.06.2024