60 Years of Progress in Magnetism

18-19 May 2017

PGI Lecture Hall
Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany


Advances in the field of magnetism over the past decades have been tremendous. Nowadays we benefit greatly from many of the unforeseen fortuitous consequences of the discoveries made many years ago (such as the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction formulated 60 years ago), and novel trends in areas which were previously only loosely related to magnetism in transition-metals (such as topological concepts of matter) or positioned at the outskirts of quantum magnetism (such as magnetic bubbles) have largely shaped the face of modern magnetism as we know it.

The landscape of today’s magnetism, influencing practical applications in various directions ranging from quantum information to race-track memories, presents an exciting and complex brew of intertwined developments occurring in well-established fields, such as surface magnetism and ferroelectrics, as well as breakthroughs in less mature and rapidly expanding fields, such as skyrmionics and topological magnetism. It is important to realize that the remarkable qualitative changes in magnetism experienced over the past 60 years should not just be attributed to advances in experimental techniques, but also to our growing ability to model and simulate very intricate phenomena in complex materials.

Within the scope of the workshop we will focus on and attempt to give a state-of-the-art impression of the issues which became prominent in recent years in the fields of experimental, theoretical and computational magnetism, with particular focus on spin-orbit driven phenomena, physics of exchange interactions in ferroic materials, skyrmionics, topological matter and novel computational approaches. The presentations will be given by renowned experts in the corresponding fields.

The workshop, which will take place on May 18th-19th in the PGI Lecture Hall at Forschungszentrum Jülich, will be of interest not only to the senior scientists working in magnetism, but also to the younger researchers, graduate and undergraduate students.



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