Challenges in Multiferroics & Magnetoelectrics

12-14 October 2015

Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany


The field of multiferroics and magnetoelectrics is a very promising one in terms of applications with new, outstanding devices, such as high-density four-state or low power-consuming magnetoelectric memories. Despite this, however, progress has been somewhat hindered by the unfortunate lack of materials presenting the desired properties.

This workshop is held as the second and final dissemination event of the French-German (ANR & DFG funded) GALIMEO project. The project aims at performing a complete combined theoretical and experimental study of a highly promising magnetoelectric material, Ga2-xFexO3. Results obtained within this project will, however, be presented in a much broader framework. The purpose of the workshop is to allow an extended reflection on the present theoretical and experimental challenges in the field of multiferroics and magnetoelectrics research.

The invited speakers will give 35-minute presentations followed by a 10-minute time slot for discussion.

Contributions are very welcome, and will be presented during a poster session.

List of Speakers

SpeakerAffiliationWorking title
Salia Cherifi
Sebastiaan van Dijken
Nanomagnetism and Spintronics Group Department of Applied Physics
Electric-Field Control of Magnetism in Strain-Coupled Ferromagnetic- Ferroelectric Heterostructures
Michael Fechner
ETH Zürich
Vincent Garcia
Unité Mixte de Physique CNRS/Thales
Ferroelectric tunnel junctions for information storage and processing
Stefano Gariglio
DQMP - University of Geneva,
Exploring distorted phases in vanadate perovskites
Brice Gautier
Proving or disproving the ferroelectricity of very thin oxides by PFM
Marti Gich
Group of Nanoparticles & Nanocomposites
Multiferroicity and Magnetoelectric Coupling in Iron Oxides
Jean Juraszek
Magnetic thin films investigated by Mössbauer spectrometry
Sylvia Mazen

IEF Orsay
Centre Scientifique d'Orsay

Orsay, France

Domains in ferroelectric thin films: effect of epitaxial strain and electrodes
Ingrid Mertig
Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics
Wilfried Prellier
Combinatorial substrate epitaxy for functional oxide thin films
Guus Rijnders
University of Twente
Domain Engineering in BiFeO3 Thin Films
Konstantin Rushchanskii
Peter Grünberg Institute
Biplab Sanyal
Division of Materials Theory
Interface properties of oxide heterostructures
Carlos A. F. Vaz
Paul Scherrer Institut
Magnetoelectric coupling in artificial multiferroic heterostructures
Nathalie Viart
Resonant x-ray diffraction for the characterization of oxide thin films



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